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Special Issue Editors 1 leading guest editor: Joel P. Conte, professor, Ph. Mckenna got his Ph.

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He is research scientist of University of California Berkeley. Gu got his Ph. He joined Xiamen University of China since He is currently professor of Xiamen University and visiting scholar of University of California Berkeley. This special issue is dedicated to the Memory of Professor Stephen A.

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Mahin, a world-renowned expert in earthquake engineering whose visionary research and educational efforts and contributions bridged theory, numerical modeling and computer simulation, experiments, field testing and reconnaissance work, and design. His decades of outstanding, prolific, enthusiastic, sustained and selfless service to the academia, profession and industry as well as his friendship will be remembered forever.

OpenSees Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation is an open source object-oriented finite element FE software framework for modeling structural and geotechnical systems and simulate their response to static and dynamic loads, with particular emphasis to earthquakes.

OpenSees supports a wide range of simulation models, solution procedures, distributed computing models, and high-end computing. It allows the integration of advanced models of structures and soils to investigate challenging problems in soil-foundation-structure interaction.

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Table of contents conference proceedings The table of contents of the conference proceedings is generated automatically, so it can be incomplete, although all articles are available in the TIB. Gravity flow sewers: Modeling to capture limit states for buried thermoplastic pipes. A damage mechanics model and its application to verification of an underground theater analysis. Object-oriented design of a finite element framework for geotechnical applications.

Nonlinear FEM analysis for dynamic response of saturated soil layers using parallel algorithm.

Object-Oriented Analysis of a Finite Element Framework for Geotechnical Applications

Evaluation of implicit and explicit algorithms for the implementation of a material model including anisotropy and hysteretic nonlinearity. Intelligent identification of deformation behaviors of rockmass at permanent shiplock zone of Three Gorges Project.

Prediction of diaphragm wall deflection in deep excavations using artificial neural networks. Estimation of air losses from tunnels driven under compressed air using neural networks. A fast radial basis function neural network model for approaching the stress-strain curve of rock.

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Extension to generalized method of slices for reliability analysis of reinforced slopes. A practical approach for risk assessment employing reliability analysis and finite elements.

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Modeling the stress-strain relation for granite using finite element-neural network hybrid algorithms. Constitutive modelling and determination of material parameters for rock mass and rockfill materials.

Role of stress dilatancy on sand behaviour: Fabric, cyclic and strain-localization related issues. A simplified model describing the cyclic behavior of lightly overconsolidated clays in simple shear. Application of discontinuum analysis to cyclic plastic deformation of coarse granular materials. A constitutive model for thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis in unsaturated porous media. A conceptual framework for modelling the mechanical behaviour of structured soils. Discontinuous-nonlinear deformation analysis method and applications in geotechnics.

Shear behavior of sand under monotonic and cyclic loadings and its elastoplastic modeling. Constitutive modeling of unsaturated soils: Stress variables and strain increment parameters. Modeling time-dependent stress-strain behavior of stiff geo-materials and its applications. An anisotropic hardening elastoplastic model for clay and sand and its application to numerical analysis.

A new 3-D elastic visco-plastic model for time-dependent stress-strain behaviour of clayey soils and its applications. Gradient dependent viscoplastic constitutive models and strain localization analysis of water saturated cohesive soil. Numerical investigation of strain localization in a hypoplastic Cosserat material under shearing. Multiscale material characterization and application to artificially created microstructures. The numerical simulation of discrete crack propagation in masonry dam structures. Continuous finite element analysis of strain localization and failure in geostructures. A new approach of modeling generation and progress of cracks in discontinuous rock masses.

Performance of deep excavation in overconsolidated clay: Measurements and numerical analysis. Stability analysis of high slope rock mass in the Three Gorges permanent shiplock during engineering unloading. Estimates of construction-induced ground deformation at a deep excavation in San Francisco, California. Numerical simulation of the construction process on deep shaft by three-dimensional elasto-plastic finite element analysis.

A non-linear finite element procedure for evaluation of settlement induced by tunnel excavation.