Guide Democracys Dangers & Discontents: The Tyranny of the Majority from the Greeks to Obama

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What we see, finally, are the origins of some of our own views as well as a vision of sexuality that is perhaps more honest and mature than our own dangerous illusions. Wages of Appeasement explores the reasons why a powerful state gives in to aggressors.

Obama urges Americans to be 'anxious, jealous guardians' of democracy

It tells the story of three historical examples of appeasement: the greek city-states of the fourth century b. The inherent weaknesses of democracies and their bad habit of pursuing short-term interests at the expense of long-term security play a role in appeasement.

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But more important are the bad ideas people indulge, from idealized views of human nature to utopian notions like pacifism or disarmament. But especially important is the notion that diplomatic engagement and international institutions like the u. Wages of Appeasement combines narrative history and cultural analysis to show how ideas can have dangerous and deadly consequences. The Fracturing of the E.

Book Yet these are all the wages of persistent flaws in the idea of the Union itself. Excessive regulations, welfare, and taxes impede economic growth. Populations are shrinking, and unvetted and unassimilated migrants have increased crime and terrorist attacks. All these problems reflect the lack of any unifying set of beliefs and principles that could unite 27 diverse cultures and peoples.

Europe is fractured and adrift, its peoples unsure for what they should fight or die for. Bruce S. Once a colossus dominating the globe, Europe today is a doddering convalescent.

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Sluggish economic growth, high unemployment, an addiction to expensive social welfare entitlements, a dwindling birth-rate among native Europeans, and most important, an increasing Islamic immigrant population chronically underemployed yet demographically prolific--all point to a future in which Europe will be transformed beyond recognition, a shrinking museum culture riddled with ever-expanding Islamist enclaves.

Decline and Fall tells the story of this decline by focusing on the larger cultural dysfunctions behind the statistics. The abandonment of the Christian tradition that created the West's most cherished ideals--a radical secularism evident in Europe's indifference to God and church--created a vacuum of belief into which many pseudo-religions have poured.

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Scientism, fascism, communism, environmentalism, multiculturalism, sheer hedonism-- all have attempted and failed, sometimes bloodily, to provide Europeans with an alternative to Christianity that can show them what is worth living and dying for. Meanwhile a resurgent Islam, feeding off the economic and cultural marginalization of European Muslims, knows all too well not just what is worth dying for, but what is worth killing for. Crippled by fashionable self-loathing and fantasies of multicultural inclusiveness, Europeans have met this threat with capitulation instead of strength, appeasement and apologies instead of the demand that immigrants assimilate.

As Decline and Fall shows, Europe's solution to these ills--a larger and more powerful European Union--simply exacerbates the problems, for the EU cannot address the absence of a unifying belief that can spur Europe even to defend itself, let alone to recover its lost grandeur. As these problems worsen, Europe will face an unappetizing choice between two somber destinies: a violent nationalistic or nativist reaction, or, more likely, a long descent into cultural senescence and slow-motion suicide.

By democracy we usually mean a government comprising popular rule, individual human rights and freedom, and a free-market economy. Yet the flaws in traditional Athenian democracy can instruct us on the weaknesses of that first element of modern democracies shared with Athens: rule by all citizens equally. He asserts that many of the problems we face today are the consequences of the increasing democratization of our government and that the flaws of democracy are unlikely to be corrected. He argues that these dangers and discontents do not have to end in soft despotism—that American democracy's aptitude and strength can be recovered by restoring the limited government of the founders.

The final response to the question whether the fear of the tyranny of the majority is justified or not will nevertheless remain somewhat ambiguous: tyranny defined either as self-interested, right-infringing, or unlimited power does seem to persist as a real threat exactly because, and to the extent that, its reliance on the majority becomes less and less rationally graspable.

To those, however, who still think that democracy, this multi-meaning magical formula will eliminate the problem by itself, I can only reply with a whole book. London: C. Dilly and John Stockdale. Aquinas, Thomas Political Writings. Edited and translated by R.

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Democracy's Dangers and Discontents: The Tyranny of the Majority from the Greeks to Obama

Stanford: Hoover Institution Press. Tocqueville, Alexis de, Democracy in America. Edited by Eduardo Nolla, translated by James T. Indianapolis: Liberty Fund. New York: Harper and Row. Related Papers. By Brian Andrei Gimenez. Democracy Utopia Education. By ahmad badri and Wan Naim Wan Mansor.