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Easy to read and use Frontpage, Middlepage and Lastpage! Great book to learn this programing Great book but haven't had time to really appreciate it. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. Burn after Writing by Sharon Jones , Paperback 2. Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Open Borders Inc. You may also like. The subtitle for every book is "A Reference for the Rest of Us! Prose is simple and direct; bold icons, such as a piece of string tied around an index finger, indicate particularly important passages.

The story goes that a customer back in wanted a book that was simple and easy to use, as he considered computer books at the time dull and dreary reading. With the immense success of that book the company expanded their series into what it is today with such diverse subjects as World History for Dummies, Rabbits for Dummies, Parenting for Dummies, Spirituality for Dummies, and Sex for Dummies. The "For Dummies" brand has been licensed for a wide variety of instructional non-book products[2], including instructional videos, sewing patterns, and even a slot machine, "Winning for Dummies"[3].

Several related series have published, including Dummies , with step-by-step tutorials in a large-format book now discontinued ; More Here is a pretty telling quote from another thread in this forum. It probably would be easier for me, at least initially, to implement it via VBA as at least I have some idea how what to do and can refine this solution with the help from this forum.

I do have an alternative. We are talking here about core functionality that I already have with other Unix tools but want to use in Windows with FrontPage or EW as a set of custom buttons because they are superior as HTML editors. Those are command line scripts so they do not have a window to paste you need to save file, run the tool and then reload the file back , but in a way your idea is still useful as there are some third party macrorecoders in Windows like AutoHotKey that can help.

Also personally I think that idea of using a single macro language for all Office components was a great idea that essentially allowed for Microsoft Office to become dominant despite shortcomings of VBA, so those games with "correcting Bill Gates" might be a sign of growing compartmentalization and development sclerosis, not the way to make extending EW more transparent for Web developers who know JavaScript.

Actually Jscript and VBA can be used interchangeably in some Microsoft products so this new idea of defining add-ins using XML declarations looks more like deterioration of architectural quality of the product, at least initially. EW, in essence, is a specialized editor and ignoring that which absence of macro language and macro recorder means is just throwing out baby with the dirty water. What is funny that for all those years since they bought FrontPage those eagles never managed to make spell checker as good as in MS Word Maybe its just me but I don't understand all this talk of Unix tools for an application that only runs on Windows.

Personally I consider it hell to have to work in VI as I've had to do a few times on my Mac to get configurations the way I want. Expression Web is not part of Office it is part of the Expression Studio group.

If you want the Office type web editor then you need to look to SharePoint Designer which is targetted to the controlled environment of a Microsoft eco system. Contrary to your assertion that Expression Web is a "specialized editor" it is a web standards editor that is designed to create web standards sites. It is not designed to be a content editor nor is it supposed to be Microsoft centric. That's why there is about as much support for php as there is for asp. Can you really see it as a surprise that when Microsoft migrated Expression Web to the same xaml code base as the rest of the Expression Studio older technology compatibility was dropped?

As you can tell I don't agree with your viewpoint or your criticisms in the separation of web design applications from MS Office applications. You simply don't have that luxury on the web and anything that makes you think you do stands in the way of actually creating good usable sites that work on a variety of devices, operating systems and browsers. EW is not, and the later versions don't share much of the Office code base. That was a deliberate decision on MS's part. Regardless, if you have feature requests, by all means let MS know.

You misunderstood my point. It was that scripts were initially written and used in Unix environment. But they are portable as they perform various complex HTML transformations. And they do work in Windows. NET is superior engine and nobody has problems with that. Nobody denies that. Net was a great idea. The problem is the way how VB. Net is integrated in Expression Web, not the upgrade of the engine. It is in this integration and its quality and level of complexity that I see as a problem, more like an architectural blunder committed by the current generation of Expression Web developers.

And that's very sad as from FrontPage to FrontPage there was a steady, amazing for the company of this size with all the bureaucracy and infighting involved, progress from one version to another.

Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Expression Web

That's a serious misconception. I would not classify Web designers who use Frontpage as a second class citizens. And there nothing fancy in having good macro language and macro recorder. Having them is just a good common sense decision. Also your remark does not answer the question why useful functionality presence of macro language, albeit in crippled implementation without build-in macro recorder was removed?

I see it as a competitive disadvantage that shrinks the potential user pool. The other question that is not answered is whether the new functionality provides the same flexibility. What I presented can be considered a test case. If a new solution is as flexible as the old one, please present your solution. Like people say "show me the code".

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If you can't you should withdraw your criticism of my remarks. Many entry level Web designers come with good understanding and skills in Office including ability to write macros. I would say that on architectural level such view is definitly wrong. That's too simplistic, patronizing view that has no links to the reality of FrontPage usage. FrontPage was very rich and very underestimated in comparison with Codeweaver tool. Different users created sites in different ways in FrontPage. For example some users like me never used FrontPage extensions and heavily used ability to have a split view and directly edit HTML.

That's as far from MS Word approach as one can get. Cheryl D Wise. So really what it comes down to is you are bemoaning that Expression Web isn't FrontPage? It isn't part of Office either.